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Colonial Warrior Blaster

Godzilla Type 66 Maser Cannon Chibi-Maru Painted Snap Model Kit


Godzilla Type 66 Maser Cannon Chibi-Maru Snap Model Kit:

This "super-deformed" version of the legendary Type 66 Maser Cannon is molded in slightly metallic gray, green, black and navy blue, so paint isn't necessary, and it snaps together so you don't need glue! Foil stickers are provided for the markings. 

War of the Gargantuas
The Type 66 Maser cannons were first utilized in an attempt to kill Gaira. They nearly succeeded until Gaira's "brother" Sanda stepped in and saved him. They were used again in Tokyo, where Gaira and Sanda fought each other before taking their fight out to the harbor, and then the ocean.

Godzilla vs. Gigan
Maser Cannons were deployed by the J.S.D.F. when Anguirus was sent from Monster Island by Godzilla to investigate the activities of the M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens. Maser Cannons were lined up on the shore and opened fire on Anguirus, who did not retaliate but turned around and returned to the island to get Godzilla's help.

Later, when Gigan and King Ghidorah were attacking Tokyo, Maser Cannons were deployed to stop them. The cannons seemed to be effective against Gigan, but were destroyed by King Ghidorah's gravity beams.

Godzilla vs. Megalon
Maser Cannons were among the many weapons deployed to stop Megalon's rampage. However, Megalon destroyed them and the rest of the attacking vehicles present in the battle.

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Colonial Warrior Blaster
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