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Star Trek: Discovery Original Series Soundtrack CD Jeff Russo


Star Trek: Discovery Original Series Soundtrack CD Jeff Russo:

In this 21-track collection, Russo mixes strings, violins and cellos with a feature-film "Trek" sound to create a listening experience that not only connects to the work of the worthies named above, but also moves "Trek" television scoring in bold directions.

The backbone of this collection is Russo's soaring main theme for "Discovery," which bookends the album with the aired version leading off and an extended version, with 30 extra seconds of strong percussion, closing it. In between, Russo seamlessly integrates it into a number of other tracks, including "The Day is Saved" and "Undetermined."

Russo integrates Alexander Courage's iconic "Original Series" theme into not only his "Discovery" theme, but also into "Stella," which bursts with emotion and drama as con artist Harry Mudd reunites with his wife. Russo uses Courage's music to raise the on-screen emotional stakes of the Mudds' "heartfelt reconnection" even further.

The album's most powerful track, "Facing Off," also raises on-screen emotional stakes to higher levels. Russo's music captures perfectly the pain that series lead Michael Burnham inflicts as she betrays her friend and commander, Captain Georgiou, as well as her Shenzhou shipmates, in the climax of the premiere episode, "The Vulcan Hello." In the song's closing 20 seconds, Russo mixes both percussion and horns to make the listener feel like she's falling off a cliff.

More mixing comprises "Weakened Shields," as Russo blends strings and brass with traditional "Trek" rhythms to track Burnham and Georgiou's infiltration of the Klingon Ship of the Dead.

Speaking of which, two companion tracks-"We Come in Peace" and "Torchbearer"-serve as one effective theme for Klingon T'Kuvma.

Two tracks are so brief that if you're not paying attention, you'll miss them: "Persistence," a 64-second inspirational track, and the tinkly 60-second "What's Happening," which introduced the alien Pahvans in the episode "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum."

The "Star Trek: Discovery Chapter 1 Soundtrack" tells the story of the new series' first half-season from an emotional viewpoint. It's a welcome, five-star addition to the long, proud history of "Star Trek" music.
1. Main Title (Aired Version) 1:33 
2. We Come in Peace 1:22
3. First Officer's Log 1:09
4. I'll Go 7:59
5. The Day is Saved 3:10 
6. Torchbearer 1:56
7. Ptsd 2:36
8. Persistence 1:04
9. Stranded 4:12
10. What Did You Mean by That? 1:05
11. I Can't Dance 1:53
12. Captain Mudd 2:46
13. Stella 2:05
14. Facing Off 4:50
15. Undetermined 1:51
16. Watch the Stars Fall 1:59
17. Weakened Shields 4:21
18. What's Happening? 1:00
19. Personal Log 1:38
20. The Charge of Mutiny 2:08
21. Main Title (Extended) 2:10

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  • Theme(s): Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry

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