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Ancient Aliens Quimbaya Tolima Airplane Artifact Replica

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Ancient Aliens Quimbaya Tolima Airplane Artifact Replica:

Each will come with a theme logoed box with a small historical booklet explaining the history of the artifact. The replica is 10 inches long.

The Quimbaya Airplanes (or Tolima Airplanes) are golden artifacts, found in Colombia and made by the Quimbaya civilization. Dated between 1000 B.C.-1000 A.D., many represent modern airplane designs and are considered to be out-of-place and unexplainable artifacts. The models are described in mainstream archaeology as depicting birds, lizards, amphibians and insects common in that region. Many are still on display in the Museum, Bogotá.

 What makes these airplane models so amazing is that they are aerodynamically accurate. In 1994, German aeronautical engineers Peter Belting and Conrad Lubbers created larger scale radio-controlled models of these artifacts. They proved that the designs fly with both simple single-propeller power and jet power. 

The astonishing reality of these artifacts sets in when one considers that mechanical flight had not been invented until the Wright Brothers flights in 1903.  How then, could the pre-Columbians of 1000 B.C., understand the advanced concepts of aerodynamic lift and design? This was a civilization that had barely developed the ability to use bronze tools and still lived in brick structures and used live flames for light. There can be only one plausible explanation: Alien beings were present at this time and likely built these "winged creatures of the air". The Quimbaya airplanes are small-scale replicas of these flying machines, built by the Quimbaya people, who likely thought these were magical creatures and hoped small versions would bring magic for the owners of these gold artifacts. Did the aliens fly in them and cross land masses and oceans, visiting many parts of the planet, as many primitive civilizations documented? 

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