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Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" 1/48 Scale Model Kit

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Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle"  1/48 Scale Model Kit:

- All-new toolings to match the new scale. 
- The wrinkled surface is pre-painted in the appropriate gold color (only available on first production run). 
- Heat-reflecting material under the module. 
- Pre-painted descent stage w/aluminum foil and realistic engine 
- Well-defined and pre-painted landing pads represented 
- Delicate plume detector on Landing Module has astonishing detail 
- Realistic ascent and descent stages accurately represent the originals 
- Minutely detailed reaction control thruster assembled w/crisp details 
- Realistic landing radar antenna molded w/details 
- Intricate descent stage w/realistic engine 
- Authentic ladder included 
- S-band steerable antenna and rendezvous radar antenna can be folded up/down 
- Egress platform w/delicate detail 
- Diminutive reaction control thruster assembled w/crisp details 
- Intricate docking target and VHF antenna on ascent stage 

Hot on the heels of Dragon’s new 1/72 scale collection of spacecraft kits, a new range of larger models scaled at 1/48 is also blasting off! The first kit shows the Lunar Module (LM), christened Eagle, which landed on the southern Sea of Tranquility on July 20, 1969. The first astronaut to set foot on lunar soil was Neil Armstrong, followed by Buzz Aldrin. The LM spent less than 24 hours on the Moon’s surface, while the Command Module (CM) named Columbia orbited above. The spacecraft then returned to Earth on 24 July, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. 

In this larger scale, the LM model possesses even more refined detail. The kit utilizes all-new toolings to match the new scale. Of special note is the heat-reflecting material under the module. The wrinkled surface is pre-painted in the appropriate gold color. Since it’s difficult for modelers to paint this reflective material realistically, such a thoughtful touch will save time and will result in an even higher-quality model. The LM is depicted in its landing mode with four legs outstretched. The Apollo 11 mission was “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now modelers can commemorate this event with this stunning “larger than life” Apollo 11 Lunar Module in 1/48 scale.

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