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Heavy Metal Magazine July 2002/Volume 26 Issue #3 (Rare)


Table of Contents

Cover - "The Huntress" - Dorian Cleavenger
p.02-03 - "Illustration: Cross" - Matt Wilson
p.04 - "Publisher's Note" - Kevin Eastman
p.04 - "Letters To The Editor"
p.06-07 - "Dossier: Dan Brereton" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.07 - "Dossier: In Memoriam: Chuck Jones 1912-2002" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.09-12 - "Gallery On Dorian Cleavenger"
p.14-15 - "Galactic Geographic: Music Of Other Worlds: Part 3: The Volcanic Music Of Mizar" - Karl Kofoed
p.18 - "How To Be Adorable" - Jacky Goupil and Walter
p.19 - "Six Steps To Getting Ready" - Jacky Goupil and Walter
p.21-29 - "The Ritual" - Ricardo Ferrari and Tomas Giorello
p.31-36 - "Among The Shadows" - Corbeyren, Guerineau, and Moreno
p.38-65, 111-128 - "The Spell Of The Rhunes: Phoe" - Serge Pradier, Claude Plumail and Sophie Balland
p.64.5 - "Tip-In Series No. 6" - Tanino Liberatore
p.67-76 - "Tadmuru..." - Philip Xavier, Stephane Peru, and Olivier Peru
p.78-83 - "Monsters Do Not Exist." - Carlos Trillo and Gonzalo Mendizabal
p.86-93 - "Fistful Of Blood" - Simon Bisley and Kevin Eastman
p.96-99 - "Binoculars" - Enrique Abuli and FĂ©lix Vega
p.102-109 - "The Key To Valhalla" - Ferran Xalabarder

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  • Theme(s): Frazetta, Frank Miller, Bisley

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