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2001 EVA Pod

Ultraman The Complete Series DVD 39 Episodes


Ultraman The Complete Series DVD 39 Episodes:

When the world is threatened by alien invaders and giant prehistoric monsters, there is only one agency equipped to handle the situation, The Science Patrol, an ultra-sophisticated police force equipped with high-tech weaponry and spacecrafts. Led by Captain Muramatsu, the team defends the planet from the unknown. Unbeknownst to the team, one of their members, Hayata, has the ability to transform himself into the giant superhero from Nebula M7B, Ultraman, when all their weaponry and skills can't stop their foes! 

Created by special effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya (Godzilla, Mothra), the 1960's television series Ultraman remains one of Japan's most beloved science-fiction exports. Airing between 1966 and 1967 with a total of 39 episodes, the live-action series followed a high-tech police force and their alien superhero Ultraman as they battled to save the Earth from invading aliens and monsters. This collection presents the complete series in original un-cut and re-mastered editions. Special features include English Subtitles, U.S. Opening Credits and interviews with the English dub team of Peter Fernandez, Corrine Orr and the late Earl Hammond (the team that also voiced the English version of Speed Racer). 

Ultra Operation No. 1 (July 17 1966)
Defeat the Invaders! (July 24 1966)
Sally Forth, Science Patrol! (July 31 1966)
5 Seconds Before the Big Explosion! (August 7 1966)
Treasure of the Miloganda (August 14 1966)
The Coast Guard Command (August 211966)
The Blue Stone of Baradhi (August 28 1966)
The Lawless Monster Zone (September 4 1966)
Operation: Lightning Speed (September 11 1966)
The Mysterious Dinosaur Base (September 18 1966)
The Ruffian from Outer Space (September 25 1966)
The Cries of the Mummy (October 2 1966)
Oil S.O.S. (October 9 1966)
The Pearl Oyster Protection Directive (October 16 1966)
The Terrifying Cosmic Rays (October 23 1966)
The Science Patrol to Outer Space (October 30 1966)
Passport to Infinity (November 6 1966)
The Brother from Another Planet (November 11 1966)
The Demons Once More (November 20 1966)
Terror on Route 87 (November 27 1966)
Break Through the Smoke! (December 4 1966)
The Underground Destruction Work (December 11 1966)
My Home Is Earth (December 18 1966)
The Undersea Science Base (December 25 1966)
Mystery Comet Tsuifon (January 1 1967)
Monster Majesty: Part 1 (January 8 1967)
Monster Majesty: Part 2 (January 15 1967)
Human Specimens 5 & 6 (January 22 1967)
A Challenge to the Underground (January 29 1967)
The Snowy Mountain of Illusions (February 5 1967)
Who Has Come? (February 12 1967)
The Endless Counterattack (February 16 1967)
The Forbidden Words (February 26 1967)
Gift from the Sky (March 5 1967)
The Monster Graveyard (March 12 1967)
Don't Shoot, Arashi! (March 19 1967)
The Little Hero (March 26 1967)
The Spaceship Rescue Command (2 April 2 1967)
Farewell, Ultraman! (April 9 1967)

English Subtitles
U.S. Opening credits
Interviews with English dub team of Peter Fernandez, Corrine Orr, and the late Earl Hammond... the team that voiced the original SPEED RACER
English Credits
Monster Encyclopedia

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2001 EVA Pod
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