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Star Trek Voyager Collection Soundtrack CD 4 Disc Set

Archived Product

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Star Trek Voyager Collection Soundtrack CD 4 Disc Set:

La-La Land Records and CBS proudly present STAR TREK VOYAGER COLLECTION, a stellar 4-CD presentation of score highlights from the acclaimed television series starring Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ and Jeri Ryan. Series composers Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Paul Baillargeon expand their remarkable work in the STAR TREK universe with thrilling and inventive music to such fan favorite episodes as RISE, THE VOID, BASICS parts I & II, LIFESIGNS, SCORPION parts I & II, and more!  
DISC 1 features music by Jay Chattaway, DISC 2 showcases Dennis McCarthy, DISC 3 highlights music by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon, and DISC 4 includes fan faves by Chattaway and McCarthy!  
Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning, and Lukas Kendall, and edited and mastered by James Nelson, this special limited edition release of 3000 units includes a 36-Page booklet with exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. Art designer Mark Banning complements this mission with sharp, Federation-worthy packaging.
DISC ONE - Music by Jay Chattaway
1. Star Trek: VOYAGER
Main Title  (1:55)
Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
2. Asteroid A’Comin’  (1:21)
3. Up on the Roof  (2:08)
4. Captain Proton  (2:26)
5. Taking Out the Garbage/
The Vortex Hop*  (4:39)
6. Aliens Attack  (1:10)
7. Ransom Explains Crime  (2:52)
8. Equinox Crew Escapes/
Equinox Warps Away  (5:32)
9. Recap—Teaser  (2:34)
10. Feeling Guilty  (1:31)
11. Let the Battle Begin/
Ransom Makes Amends* (5:45)
12. Hologrid Tag  (3:54)
13. Voyager Gets Message*  (3:50)
14. Seamus Sees All/Rattled Seamus
  Drinks/Jane Likes Rings/Seamus Follows Paris*  (3:11) 15. Maggie Returns to Cart/Befuddled Maggie/Katie Comes to Tea/Demands for Truth  (1:06) 16. Michael Tricks Them*/Time to Be
  Creative/Angry Mob*  (3:13)
17. Tending to His Flock/
Doc Spills the Beans  (2:01)
18. Welcome to Voyager/Can’t We All
Get Along/Michael’s Speech/
Drinks on the Captain  (4:05)
19. Ship Goes Dark  (2:10)
20. Abandon Ship/Risking It All/
Lifeform’s New Home*  (6:00)
21. Return of Chaotica/Arachnia
Saves the Day (Captain Proton)  (1:58)
22. Tuvok’s Demise†  (1:19)
23. Multiple Attackers  (2:46)
24. Bad Funnel Cake  (1:25)
25. We’re Not Dead Yet  (1:59)
26. The Alliance Is Born  (2:47)
27. Montage—Battle Begins/
Escaping the Void*†  (4:37)
* Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager” by Jerry Goldsmith † Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” 
by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry Total Time – Disc One: 79:36
DISC TWO - Music by Dennis McCarthy
THE 37’s
1. Rusty Deuce Coupe*  (1:15)
2. S.O.S.*/The Voyager Lands  (4:17)
3. The Planet/Amelia/
Wake Up Call*  (6:01)
4. Our Heroine/I’d Have Stayed!*  (3:43)
5. And So It Begins  (3:13)
6. The Landing/Abandoned  (4:53)
7. Recapture  (1:40)
8. Dr. Phelps/Chakotay to the
Let’s Go Home*  (11:10)
9. Off to Tara  (2:35)
10. Dennis’ Tune  (1:15)
11. The Big Finale  (3:33)
12. Leonardo/The Lab/
Off to France*  (1:14)
13. Slow Speed Chase*/Airborne*/
Off to France (alternate)*  (5:37)
14. Casanova  (1:42)
15. Casanova (Sexy Fantasy)  (1:40)
16. Fantasies  (2:25)
17. Captain Heroic  (4:01)
18. Brave New World  (1:23)
19. Faded Memories  (3:43)
20. Climaxorama  (3:14)
21. Mr. Recap  (1:03)
22. Memories  (1:34)
23. Success/Good to Be Back*  (5:03)
* Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager” by Jerry Goldsmith Total Time – Disc Two: 77:20
DISC THREE - Music by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon DARK FRONTIER, Part I & II Music by David Bell 1. Borg Drones Activate  (2:47) 2. Borg Remnants in Cargo Bay/ Mindless Drone/Crew Dismissed/ Annika Plays With Borg Cube/ I Hope So Too, Daddy  (1:53) 3. Hansens Find Borg Cube  (2:50) 4. Mission Simulation Fails/ Borg Beam to Bridge/Next Time Won’t Be Holodeck  (4:38) 5. Implants on Naomi’s Cheeks  (1:30) 6. Magnus in the Cube  (2:01) 7. I Was Raised by Borg  (0:48) 8. Assign Me to Away Team, Please*/ Away Team Beams Into Sphere/ Coil Grabbed, Seven Stays Behind/ Seven Meets the Queen  (9:34) 9. Recap/Comply/We’ve Overlooked
Something/Neelix: Deactivate Her
Alcove/Borg Were Talking
to Seven of Nine/ Queen Touches
Seven’s Cheek—We Want You  (3:42)
10. U.S.S. Raven Trails Cube/
Dissolve to Same Schematic  (0:38)
11. Delta Flyer Launches for Rescue/
Kitarians Attack, Are Assimilated/
Seven Helps Kitarians Escape (7:52)
12. Annika: Going to Be Assimilated/
Flyer Arrives at Unicomplex/Poppa? (5:07) 13. Captain Janeway Is Eluding You/ Captain Janeway’s Armband Goes Offline/ Borg Queen and Janeway Face Off/Flyer Through Transwarp Conduit/Sweet Dreams (11:13)
Music by Paul Baillargeon
14. Paris and Danara/
Brain Diminishing  (3:03)
15. Danara Awakes/
Done With Mirrors (1:36)
16. Accordion Source #1a (2:36)
17. Paris the Spy  (1:26)
18. Accordion Source #2  (3:35)
19. Parking on Mars/Paris Shoves/
Doc’s Log (2:09)
20. Danara Surprises Doc/Be With
Me/Danara’s Silhouette/
Accordion Source #6  (2:35)
21. Accordion Source #1b (2:32)
Total Time – Disc Three: 74:58
DISC FOUR - Fan Favorites
Music by Jay Chattaway
1. Borg Meet Their Match  (0:25)
2. Getting Ready/
Kes Senses Dead Borg*  (3:04)
3. Mountain of Death/Exploring the
Biomass/Big Daddy’s Comin’/
Don’t Mess With Bill  (9:37)
4. Dealing With the Devil*/
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride  (3:59)
5. Recap/Agreement Reached  (3:24)
6. Into the Alien Realm  (3:45)
7. The Battle Begins/Aliens Defeated*/
Reverse Scorpion/
Kiss and Make Up  (7:29)
Music by Dennis McCarthy
8. Phased Out  (1:23)
9. Small Fry/Einstein’s
Alarm Clock  (3:49)
10. Assaulted/Futile Defense  (4:42)
11. Torpedo-osity/
Blinded by the Light  (1:53)
12. The Longest Day/Ouch!/
Not Again*/Wild Card (7:08)
13. Janeway Signifies/Evacuation  (4:39) 14. Blown Away/Gassed/ Military Code  (3:15) 15. Much to Learn/Captain
  Courageous/Don’t Even Try  (3:07)
16. The Watch/Surprise Incursion  (2:58) 17. No Kyana/Let’s Get Cracking*  (1:16) 18. The Captain (2:39) 19. Battle/Time’s Up/Priorities (6:35)
20. STAR TREK: VOYAGER End Title (1:19)
Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith Total Time – Disc Four: 77:19 Total Time – All Discs: 5:07:33
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