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Godzilla Animated The Series Monster Wars DVD


MONSTER WARS - PART 1: With Elsie's surreptitious help, Hick finds and extracts the alien spacecraft from the bottom of the ocean. Tension and friction between HEAT and Hicks escalates. Meanwhile in Africa, a giant, earth-shattering Bat with huge jaws is on the loose. MONSTER WAR - PART 2: Tracking the Giant Bat, HEAT discovers Cryptocledius, one of the aquatic dinosaurs surrounding the alien spaceship, is alive and hungry! In addition, a Cyber Godzilla? ("C-G"), a reanimated corpse of the first Godzilla?, is created - only new and improved containing a mixed bag of reptilian and mechanical body parts. King Cobra, C-Rex, the Rat and Queen Bee resurface for a global return engagement. Using telepathy as their primary form of communication, the aliens download their brains into Dr. Sopler and Dr. Hoffman. MONSTER WAR - PART 3: These monsters are attacking everywhere! While Godzilla? is battling C-G in Washington, D.C., Nick and the HEAT team disrupt the Tachyon signals from the aliens and free the monsters from their mental hold. HEAT pilots an alien ship with Elsie's help to destroy the main generator at Site Omega.

Product Information
Full Frame 1.33:1
Closed Captioned

Godzilla Animated The Series Monster Wars DVD

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  • Catalog#: 19DG93
  • Theme(s): Godzilla

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