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2001 EVA Pod

A.I. Soundtrack CD 3 Disc Set John Williams LIMITED EDITION


A.I. Soundtrack CD 3 Disc Set John Williams LIMITED EDITION:

We proudly present the latest offering in our Expanded Archival Collection, maestro John Williams’ (JAWS, STAR WARS, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, SCHINDLER’S LIST), Oscar-Nominated original motion picture score to the acclaimed 2001 Warner Bros. science-fiction drama A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, starring Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law and Frances O’Connor, and directed by Steven Spielberg. The legendary Spielberg-Williams collaboration gives birth to yet another masterful score – one that is complex, lyrical and deeply haunting. Considered one of the most moving and spectral works of Mr. Williams’ career, this astounding piece is finally given the deluxe treatment it has always warranted with this stunning 3-CD presentation. Produced, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino, with the cooperation of the composer and the director, this limited edition release of 3000 units presents the Film Score across two CDs, with a  third disc of Additional Music. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond take you behind the thought-provoking film and its score, while classic art direction by Jim Titus rounds out this must-have experience - one that will be treasured by all film music enthusiasts.
1          Cybertronics  3:33
2          Henry Is Selected  1:54
3          David’s Arrival  2:46
4          Of Course I’m Not Sure  2:41
5          Hide and Seek (extended version)  3:25
6          David Studies Monica  2:06
7          Reading the Words  5:58
8          Wearing Perfume  4:13
9          Martin Is Alive  1:30
10        David and Martin  2:19
11        Canoeing With Pinocchio  1:36
12        David and the Spinach / The Operating Scene  3:07
13        The Scissor Scene  3:48
14        The Pool Rescue  1:42
15        Monica’s Plan  3:30
16        Abandoned in the Woods (extended version)  3:57
17        The Moon Rising / The Biker Hounds            5:10
18        Remembering David Hobby  2:20
19        Journey to Rouge City  3:51
20        Immaculate Heart  :46
21        To Manhattan  1:28
22        A.I. Theme (instrumental version)  4:08
1          The Mecha World (extended version)  8:43
2          Replicas  5:59
3          Finding the Blue Fairy  6:02
4          Journey Through the Ice (Part 1)  4:43
5          Journey Through the Ice (Part 2)  5:07
6          Stored Memories  3:08
7          What Is Your Wish  4:10
8          The Specialist Visits  4:03
9          The Reunion  7:50
10        Where Dreams Are Born  4:23
11        A.I. Theme (vocal version)  4:01
1          For Always 4:45 Performed by Lara Fabian
2          Cybertronics (alternate)  3:08
3          David’s Arrival (alternate)  3:10
4          Canoeing With Pinocchio (alternate)  1:57
5          Abandoned in the Woods (alternate)  3:34
6          The Biker Hounds (extension)  2:38
7          Inside Dr. Know’s  4:30
8          Replicas (alternate)  4:02
9          Finding the Blue Fairy (alternate)  6:00
10        Finding the Blue Fairy (orchestral excerpt)  3:43
11        What Is Your Wish (alternate)  4:07
12        The Reunion (alternate)  7:01
13        Abandoned in the Woods (album version)  3:10
14        For Always (Duet)  4:45 Performed by Lara Fabian and Josh Groban  
Total 3-Disc Time: 180:28

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  • Catalog#: 19CDA01
  • Theme(s): La-La Land
  • Theme(s): John Williams

2001 EVA Pod
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