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War Of The Worlds Classic Copper Plated War Machine

Great Escape Soundtrack CD Elmer Bernstein Complete 3CD Set


We present a 3-CD set featuring the music of Elmer Bernstein's The Great Escape in a definite presentation of the classic score.  At the time of the film's release, Bernstein re-recorded selections with a reduced orchestra that was released on the United Artists label.  The popular LP was in print for decades, and the program made its CD debut on Intrada back in 1992, followed by a couple of reissues. In 2004, the long-lost original film tracks were released on a limited edition 2-CD set which quickly went out-of-print.   Now Intrada combines both the United Artists LP program and the original film tracks into a single album, providing a one stop for both albums.  Featuring the original key art and cleaning up some anomalies from the film tracks, in addition to assembling the tracks as they were intended by the composer, this is the last word on and the definitive presentation of the music to The Great Escape.

Bernstein wrote 90 minutes of score and recorded it with 62 players. It featured a theme that has become one of the most famous of film themes. As Nick Redman mentions in his detailed and authoritative notes, it's "a theme that could blow the roof off a cinema. A theme that could make an audience wild. A theme that delineated all there was to know about war, captivity, freedom and escape. A theme to thrill, a theme to engage, a theme to just plain love. A theme that, like the spirit of man itself, might just not ever die."

All this on this specially priced release.

Disc 1
01. Main Title 2:30
02. At First Glance 3:07
03. Premature Plans 2:28
04. If At Once 2:31
05. Forked 1:28
06. Cooler 1:58
07. Mole 1:28
08. "X"/Tonight We Dig 1:30
09. The Scrounger/Blythe 3:50
10. Water Faucet 1:23
11. Interruptus 1:33
12. The Plan/The Sad Ives 1:43
13. Green Thumbs 2:28
14. Hilts And Ives 0:38
15. Cave In 2:01
16. Restless Men 1:56
17. Booze 1:47
18. "Yankee Doodle" 0:55
19. Discovery 3:40

Disc 1 Time: 39:24

Disc 2
01. Various Troubles 3:52
02. Panic 2:05
03. Pin Trick 0:59
04. Hendley’s Risk 1:43
05. Released Again/Escape Time 5:25
06. 20 Feet Short 3:06
07. Foul Up 2:37
08. At The Station 1:33
09. On The Road 3:27
10. The Chase/First Casualty 6:49
11. Flight Plan 2:09
12. More Action/Hilts Captured 6:07
13. Road’s End 2:06
14. Betrayal 2:20
15. Three Gone/Home Again 3:13
16. Finale/The Cast 2:47

Disc 2 Time: 50:56

Original 1963 United Artists Score Album
Disc 3
01. Main Title 2:07
02. Premature Plans 2:08
03. Cooler And Mole 2:26
04. Blythe 2:13
05. Discovery 2:54
06. Various Troubles 2:40
07. On The Road 2:54
08. Betrayal 2:05
09. Hendley’s Risk 2:24
10. Road’s End 2:00
11. More Action 1:57
12. The Chase 2:48
13. Finale 3:14

Disc 3 Time: 32:34



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  • Catalog#: 19CDG253
  • Theme(s): Intrada
  • Theme(s): Elmer Bernstein

War Of The Worlds Classic Copper Plated War Machine
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