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Ladyhawke Soundtrack CD Andrew Powell 2CD Set LIMITED EDITION


Ladyhawke Soundtrack CD Andrew Powell 2CD Set LIMITED EDITION:

, WEA and Warner Bros. present the latest title in its Expanded Archival Collection, the 2-CD remastered and expanded set of the original score to the beloved 1985 action/fantasy/romance LADYHAWKE, starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer, and directed by Richard Donner. Composer Andrew Powell (ROCKET GIBRALTAR) fashions a breathtakingly bold orchestral film score in the classic tradition, complimented with propulsive rock performances produced and engineered by Alan Parsons (of the acclaimed Alan Parson’s Project). This groundbreaking score, which perfectly captures the tone of Richard Donner’s delightful romantic fantasy/adventure, remains distinctive today and finally receives the deluxe presentation it has always deserved -- clocking in with a running time of over two full hours. Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, Mark Banning and James Nelson, with input and supervision by Powell, and mastered by Nelson, this  2-CD limited edition contains previously unreleased music, including bonus tracks. Writer Tim Greiving provides exclusive, in depth liner notes which feature new interview quotes from Richard Donner, Rutger Hauer, Andrew Powell and Alan Parsons. Fantastic art direction by Mark Banning showcases a striking front cover image by legendary illustrator Drew Struzan.


01. Main Title 3:00
02. Phillipe's Escape From Dungeon* 1:49 03. Phillipe's Escape Through Sewer 1:43 04. The Search for Phillipe 3:26 05. Navarre at Sunset* 0:21 06. Tavern Fight (Phillipe) 2:09 07. Tavern Fight (Navarre) 2:40 08. Navarre's Saddlebag* 0:37 09. Navarre Dreams of Isabeau* 0:54 10. Pitou's Woods* 4:05 11. Marquet's Return to Aquila Part 1* 0:58 12. Phillipe Describes Isabeau 1:13 13. Marquet's Return to Aquila Part 2* 1:15 14. Bishop's Garden* 0:44 15. “Navarre Has Returned”* 0:27 16. Monks' Chant in Bishop's Garden* 1:57 17. Isabeau Chases a Rabbit* 0:25 18. Navarre's Sunrise* / Phillipe's Capture* 0:35 19. Navarre Is Ambushed / Hawk Injured 4:55 20. Phillipe and Imperius Enter Abbey* 1:16 21. Phillipe Discovers Isabeau's Secret*† 1:27 22. Imperius Removes Arrow From Isabeau*† 1:35 23. The Bishop Interviews Cezar** 1:31 24. “You Must Save This Hawk”* 1:06 25. Chase Up the Turret / Isabeau's Fall Part 2***† 2:48 26. Isabeau's Transformation* 0:37 27. Isabeau Flies Free** 1:12 28. Navarre and Imperius* 0:40 29. Navarre and Phillipe Leave the Abbey*† 1:43 30. Wedding Party* 1:42
31 Navarre's Transformation*† 0:42
32. Wedding Dance* 2:35
33. Cezar's Woods* 5:29
34. “She Was Sad at First” 2:08
35. Navarre Rides to Aquila 1:38
36. Phillipe and Imperius* 0:26
37. Wolf Trapped in Ice Pool*† 2:35
38. Navarre and Isabeau's Dual Transformation* 3:24 TOTAL TIME CD ONE: 68:23

01. Navarre Sees Phillipe's Wounds* 0:43 02. Return to Aquila* 2:44 03. Phillipe's Return Through Sewer* 1:02 04. Bishop's Procession Chant 1* 1:31 05. Bishop's Procession Chant 2* 1:48 06. The Service Begins (Part 1)* 0:49 07. Navarre's Instruction to Kill Isabeau* 0:48 08. The Service Begins (Part 2)* 0:39 09. Navarre Enters the Cathedral* 1:35 10. Navarre and Marquet Cathedral Fight 4:25 11. Marquet's Death 2:01 12. Isabeau Appears* 0:48 13. Bishop's Death 2:28 14. The Final Reunion / End Titles 6:00

Bonus Tracks
15. Chase Up The Turret/Isabeau's Fall Part 1 0:51 16. Chase / Fall / Transformation (album version) 2:08 17. Phillipe Discovers Isabeau's Secret*/*** 1:43 18. Imperius Removes Arrow From Isabeau*/*** 1:33 19. Navarre and Phillipe Leave the Abbey (alt. mix)* 1:44 20. Navarre's Transformation (alt. mix)* 0:42 21. Wolf Trapped in Ice Pool*/*** 2:33 22. Phillipe's Jewel** 0:49 23. End Titles (standalone) 4:57 24. (Spot 01)–Radio Bed A–30* 0:33 25. (Spot 02)–Radio Bed A–30* 0:33 26. (Spot 03)–Radio Bed B–60* 1:03 27. (Spot 04)–Radio Bed C–60* 0:54 28. (Spot 05)–Radio Bed A–60* 1:01 29. (Spot 06)–Radio Bed B–60* 1:07 30. (Spot 07)–Radio Bed C–75* 1:13 31. (Spot 08)–Radio Bed A–90* 1:29 32. (Spot 10)–Radio Bed B–90* 1:36 33. (Spot 09)–Radio Bed A–Full* 3:29 34. Ladyhawke Theme (single) 3:36 TOTAL TIME CD TWO: 61:38 *Previously unreleased **Contains material not used in the final film ***Early version • †Film version

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