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Hills Have Eyes, The Soundtrack CD Don Peake

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Hills Have Eyes Soundtrack CD Don Peake:

Don Peake

The next one up in our series of releases from Don Peake is his classic score to Wes Craven's cult film "The Hills Have Eyes". Assembled and produced by the composer himself, this album features the entire score and a specially added bonus: The track slates of the individual cues! These short communications between stage and booth make the listener feel as if he were right at the recording session. The score is very eerie, and you might want to keep the lights on...

Excerpts from the liner notes by Don Peake: "In 1977, Wes Craven hired me to score a very dark horror film entitled "The Hills Have Eyes". I was immediately struck with the brutality of the characters, and I decided to create a sparse and disturbing score, utilizing both acoustic instruments and a few experimental electronic instruments. I used "The Beam", a long aluminum channel (about 10 feet), strung with a single wire. The player (Craig Huntley) would slide a piece of steel up the wire string, creating a long glissando. 

I also had the prop master deliver the bone necklaces that the actors wore in the movie, to the scoring stage. I used these bones as shakers for the chase scenes. The percussionists each had a necklace to play. 

Mike Lang played the wild piano part for the interior search of the trailer. The strange viola sound came from an old recording viola with a horn attached, played by Toni Marcus". 

Track Listing: 
Track 01            M2-2   0:37
Track 02            M3-3   0:33
Track 03            M5-1   1:14
Track 04            MQ 1:33
Track 05            M1-2   1:00
Track 06            M1-3   0:32
Track 07            M3-4   0:40
Track 08            M3-4. 3-5. 3-6 1:08
Track 09            Wild Synth Wind and Bush            0:27
Track 10            M2-6   1:10
Track 11            M3-7   0:33
Track 12            M4-1   1:05
Track 13            M4-4   0:42
Track 14            M5-2 Re   0:45
Track 15            Oil Can Spout 1:03
Track 16            M5-4   0:18
Track 17            The Rabbit   0:52
Track 18            MQ   0:32
Track 19            M1-1   3:21
Track 20            M2-1a   0:45
Track 21            M2-2 Re   0:36
Track 22            M2-5   2:57
Track 23            M3-3 Re   0:24
Track 24            M3-1   0:28
Track 25            M3-8   1:07
Track 26            M3-9 2:07
Track 27            M4-2   0:42
Track 28            M4-5   0:48
Track 29            M5-1   1:02
Track 30            MQ   0:44
Track 31            MQ   0:48
Track 32            M5-6   1:12
Track 33            M5-7   0:29
Track 34            M5-7 Wild Ax Hits   0:24
Track 35            MQ   1:22
Track 36            M5-8   0:14
Track 37            M2-3   1:04
Track 38            MQ   0:39
Track 39            MQ   0:38
Track 40            MQ   1:15
Track 41            M4-5   0:48

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