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Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus 2001 Soundtrack CD Michiru Ohshima


For the fourth release in our GODZILLA series - Godzilla returns in all his glory in GODZILLA vs. MEGAGUIRUS, the new film featuring Japan's giant screen superstar. For the first time a woman composer has taken the podium. Michiru Ohshima has written and composed the scores for several successful movies.

1. Fateful Confrontation

2. Main Title

3. To The G Countermeasure HQ

4. Operation Area

5. The G Annihilation Strategy Commences

6. The Ominous Gigantic Egg

7. Tragedy/The Revived Ancient Insect

8. Kiriko And The Little Boy

9. Griffon Sallies Forth

10. G-Proximity

11. The Street Becomes A Lake

12. Godzilla Vs. Griffon

13. Meganula - Great Plague

14. The Dimension Tide Maneuver

15. The Ferocious Lifeform

16. Painful Life's Work

17. Hyperflgith Dragon - Birth

18. The Ultimate Battle Appearance

19. Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus

20. Suicidal Counterattck

21. Earth's Greatest Deathmatch

22. Dimensions Tide's Limit

23. Kiriko's Decision

24. Blach Hole Cannon, Explosion

25. It's All Over

26. Ending Theme

27. The Fury Of Godzilla - Akira Ifukube

28. The Decision Of Godzilla - Akira Ifukube

29. Godzilla (2 roars)

30. Godzilla (footsteps)

31. Godzilla (heat beam)

32. Megaguirus (2 roars)

33. Megaguirus (wings humming)

34. Megaguirus (high frequency wave)

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  • Catalog#: 19CDG90
  • Theme(s): Godzilla

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